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  • Do you make all this stuff?
    No, we only personaly hand make a few speciality items and some of out garb. We do hire seamstresses from around the known world to sew our personal line for us. We also research the sources of all of our treasures to ensure the cultural and natural sustainibility of those items.
  • Is this real sterling silver?
    Yes, our sterling silver is 92.5% and most of our pieces are stamped.
  • Where do you get this stuff?
    All over the known world. Our focus is in Eastern wares, however some of our goods do find their way from Europe and South America.
  • Do you know where the Privy is?
  • What Period in time and or Region of the world are these items representing?
    With such a wide range of items we also span a wide range in time and area. We strive to stay in the Middleages and in the East, however we are sure you will find the anomalies like any well trained time traveler.
  • Is this real silver?
    Yes, our silver is 92.5% and most pieces are stamped.
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