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Hiya, it's been a miniute. ohhhhh, wait.........

Good Morrow, fair cousins! Many a moment hath past since we had thine pleasure of communing with thee in thy flesh. Be it known that we miss you, greatly. We hope this missive finds you all well and safe.

Most of you probably don't know this, but we closed our website shop ( in January of 2020), of ten years, due to inactivity. At the time we decided that our wares were truly best shopped in person and online sales just were not what we wanted to put energy into.

" Lets make the website about info and not sales."

-Lady Alibaba


Sooooo we shut down our sales site and slowly began a new one with the idea that it would be all about the blogs and the links and connecting and traveling.

Then this crazy virus showed up and, very suddenly, we are realizing that there will most likely not be traveling this year at all...........

......however, we will be selling things, playing music, setting up the tent in the back yard and sharing all of it with you, right here, in the new, new world, the digi-world.

After a long pause to gather our thoughts, plant a garden and realize we are not all going to die, we decided to build a new selling website. While it's impossible to post all of the treasures we offer in person online we will do our best to bring you a variety of our most coveted items and be ready and available to help you find "the one thing" you are searching for. Just like in the shoppe, we may have just the thing you are searching for but you will not see it until you utter, or email, the magic words......"Do you have ____?".

We will not have missed a show until Potrero War, at the end of May 2020, so we do not plan to open our new website store until that time. Thank you, for your continued support. We hope to keep this sweet lil' shoppe running until we can once again play together. Until then, be in good health. Hugs.

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